Mucci Farms Launches Veggies to Go

mucc-farmsWho can believe how fast the summer has gone by, and now we are looking toward Thanksgiving, and the upcoming winter months. Whew! It seems that life goes by at light speed — there is just never enough time to take care of all that needs your attention. With a hectic schedule, it is so easy to forget little things like healthy eating; fortunately, Mucci Farms provides some great solutions. Unlike some other companies whose only goal is to earn a profit, this company definitely has your family’s well-being in mind.

Mucci Farms cares so much about providing good nutrition, they have partnered with the school program, “Meet The Teacher,” which receives and distributes food to students. Mucci’s contribution to this effort is so special, because they donate fresh veggie snacks, go packs, etc. for young children.

Their generosity helps those young students who may not receive adequate nutrition from their homes. Additionally,their partnership with local schools has had a positive influence on the development of healthier eating habits of the students, which can lead to life long, better, and smarter snack choices.

The positive feedback that they have received from the various communities they have already helped, reflects both the appreciation of the schools, as well as the ongoing need for healthier eating habits. It is an all too common situation that children don’t have access to healthy foods, are not educated about eating smarter, so they grow up reaching for a bag of chips or a chocolate bar without thinking about it. This needs to change — Mucci is helping with the effort.

Mucci Farms is not only an expert in providing better food choices, but they appreciate how hectic life can be and have developed healthy snack options accordingly. Their mini vegetables are perfect for school lunches, saving busy parents from prep time.

Some of the other products they make available are Sundrops (sweet grape tomatoes), Cutecumbers (snack sized cucumbers), Sweet to the Point (mini pointed peppers), etc. This is just Mucci Farms’ way of contributing to a brighter future for the next generation of thinkers, doers and changers to the world. There has never been a company so concerned with good nutrition and benefiting children.

Mucci Farms‘ way of thinking is that we should all work together to help schools provide healthy food to students, and work for positive changes. We can all work to make the future better, and nutrition is an excellent place to start!,-ON

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