Perfect Chinese food with simple recipes

The delicious and traditional Chinese recipes have been persistently showing the standard of caliber inside the cooking field. They are the product of an innovative intelligence and known worldwide for their distinctive flavor and also being extremely healthy. The authentic Chinese meal is a blend of vegetables and animal products and hence, forms a good balanced food. This perfect balance is very important to ward off various health issues and provides health benefits.

Ways of cooking healthy food

With the current life style, I am very conscious about health and diet. Hence, the type of food consumed is very important. I would always prefer healthy food, with less oil content used in cooking. The Chinese recipe normally uses cooking methods, such as boiling, roasting, steaming, and baking. Chinese cooking is generally easy to understand, with the proper recipes and knowledge, and I prefer to prepare such food for some family get-togethers.
While making simple food recipes for a handful of people, I avoid deep frying, since Chinese meals at household can be done, without frying. The noodles can be steamed and cooked vegetables can be added directly along with minimal spices, to enhance the flavor of the noodles.

Managing recipes

There are many instances, where you could have eaten at your preferred restaurants, only to find out that your meat and even vegetables are whirling in pools of excess fat. When, food is deep fried or cooked in large amounts of excess fat, the grease gets soaked up into the meals, producing high calorie dishes that have high cholesterol and fat. You can get rid of the oil collectively, by using a suitable vegetable cooking spray.
I do make sure to check that, I have read the entire recipe before time, when it is required to make any dish. A few elements actually need several hours to organize correctly and in the mean time get the vegetables set, before I actually start cooking, understand my time frame for completing the dish, and ensure to completely know the cooking techniques, beforehand.

Sources for the recipes

I have tried to discover some simple food recipes on the web, through recipe internet sites. Finding the traditional Chinese styles can be tricky, as many of the recipes are not of their traditional style and have been modified, to prepare in a much easier and quicker way. Therefore, I normally obtain the recipes from those websites, which are dedicated to authentic Chinese cuisines.
An additional fact that I learnt over a period of time is to get the ingredients purchased in advance, searching any regional markets, or visiting some stores, to see what is available in our area. Actually, this could save a lot of time, in trying to prepare some modern Chinese dishes.
The traditional Chinese cooking procedures are well known towards making the banquets healthier. Various medical crops like fresh ginger root, scallions, dried lily buds, tree fungus and garlic have been used in most of these simple food recipes. By reducing the use of meat and oil, and using procedures like steaming and baking, one can get pleasure from Chinese food, without any negative impact.

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Identifying simple food recipes

Identification of simple recipes for cooking food at home might seem simple but, in reality, it is decently tough. Today, an individual is exposed to huge number of dishes, which may or may not be suitable for your taste buds. Hence, I feel it is essential to realize some probable sources, to ensure our simple recipes need is met.


It is one of the largest sources of finding any sort of information. It is important to make an accurate search and identify the desired recipes properly. I am a veggie and I tend to search simple food recipes of different cuisines, which have vegetarian flavor in them. Similarly, if you do not like spicy food or any such consideration, making a Google search highlighting such elements, can help in minimizing wastage of time on irrelevant recipes.
Today, many websites feature articles, journals, magazines, etc, on their site to help you identify some really simple recipes. Again simplicity scale depends on us. Suppose, I do not have the equipment used in the demonstration and I have to perform it manually. Then, it might be a time consuming process for me.
It is important to filter websites carefully. Some website, which pops up in the top SERPs are quite good and informative. I usually refer blogs and articles wherein, people like us share their own recipes and stuffs. These recipes are actually more viable and understand the household needs better.

Television channels

Television is still the most popular engagement avenue, at least for me. I refer to a big list of cooking shows on the television channel. There are many advantages, as in, you get to see the process practically, in front of your eyes. I learn better, when I see it physically than, when I read different materials. The television channels present recipes considering the household individuals and hence, these are relevantly simple to cook.

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Important characteristics of simple food recipes

We hear simple recipes, easy to make recipes, etc, quite a few times. But, I do not find most of the recipes extremely simple to cook. I think a recipe has to have certain salient features to be termed as a simple recipe. Recording these salient features will allow us filter the simple recipes.

Less number of ingredients

Simple recipes generally contain less number of ingredients. I consider simple recipes simple only when, I can remember all the ingredients, without the need to note them down. Moreover, these ingredients should be common in the kitchen. Many recipes, I referred may have very less ingredients but, those small numbers of ingredients are quite tough to be identified in the local market. Hence, the ingredients should be easily available and they should ideally be very few in number.

Time factor

Simple recipes are largely defined simple, due to the time considerations. Any recipe, which takes huge amount of time, cannot be considered as an easy or simple process. It has to be complicated by nature. According to me, recipes which take very less preparation time should be referred as simple recipes.

Use of equipments

The use of equipments may vary for different recipes. I came across many simple recipes, which largely depend of equipments and may require minimal manual effort. Such recipes may also be termed as simple, because an individual has minimum involvement and effort, in the process of cooking. These recipes can be prepared very quickly as they largely rely on different modern equipments like microwave ovens, grinder & fryer, etc.

Type of dish

The type of dish holds a lot of significance. By type, I do not literally mean cuisine but, the purpose of the dish. Most of the simple recipes are suitable for cooking on a daily basis and not special occasions. They may be from different cuisines. But, for people like me, a simple food recipe of different cuisine say Italian can actually become a special food recipe, for greeting my guests or family on special occasions.

Health factor

I am honestly very particular about my health. The simple recipes, according to me shouldn’t compromise on health quotient. Simple recipes should not mean I dump waste products in my stomach. Simple recipes are tried out more frequently hence; I believe they should be significantly high on health parameters. Moreover, with health being prioritized over other elements now, simple food recipes with high nourishment value can be the best option.

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Delicious food with simple recipes

Throughout the world, there is a wide variety of food available, which people relish all the times. Different people have different tastes but indeed, it’s a great task, if we can make some of these dishes at home, with some simple food recipes. This helps in maintaining a good diet and, hygiene could be the best at home.

Simple recipes made at home

I always prefer to prepare something healthy and vegetables are the best for it. The Greek recipes are known for their salads, which are made of fresh vegetables. I normally use these salads along with the main dish. The simplest salad is known as the Horiatiki, is commonly used as a side dish of many main courses. I mix cut tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions in a bowl. Then, in another bowl, I whisk together oil, vinegar, and oregano. Now, I transfer the salad into a serving bowl and add season with salt and pepper and pour over cucumber mixture.

Recipe for main course

Another simple recipe that, I normally do for main course is the Chinese fried rice. This is very simple and fast to prepare. First I steam 2 cups of white rice and keep it aside to cool. Next step is to cut vegetables such as carrot, beans, and spring onions and fry them in small amount of oil. Next, I add ginger garlic paste, soya sauce and chili sauce to the vegetables and fry for another 2 minutes.
I then, add the rice to the vegetable mixture and mix well for a couple of minutes. This can be served hot and goes well with the vegetable salad, as side dish. These are the simple food recipes that are very easy to make and can be tried by anyone. The above recipes are healthy, easy to make and also very delicious, at the same time.

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